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The eight rooms with oak parquet flooring and exposed beams are all different and have been meticulously designed down to the last detail. They all have wonderful view of the village or across the Umbrian-Tuscan countryside.

There are no headboards for the beds but an entire wall that has been decorated with subjects or themes of a theatrical nature.
The wonderful new beds have been chosen in order to guarantee guests a blissful night’s sleep. The bathrooms have been fitted out with great regard to comfort and spaciousness, some of which are equipped with a large shower and others with a whirlpool tub whilst always being respectful of the environment and sustainability through the use of olive oil-based detergents that are free of parabens.

A tray awaits you in each room with cups and a kettle accompanied by a choice of herbal teas for your moments of rest and relaxation.
You won’t find a wardrobe in the rooms as these are too bulky and impractical, but you will find a garment rail that has been created by local craftsmen for something a bit retro which suggests dressing on the wing.

My Gym. In each room you will find a basket with a yoga mat, weights, elastic exercise bands, anti-stress balls and a large mirror so that you don’t forget to look after your body and the importance of its well-being.